M&M December 2008

Mike and I took engagement pictures today! We went to lunch with Anna and Jonathan (Johnathan?) before the shoot to lessen the potential awkwardness of smiling and kissing for people we had never met. We had a blast! For some reason it made the wedding seem...a lot closer. That's good and bad considering the huge amount of school work I have to have done before it all happens. I can't wait to see how they turned out. Hopefully we'll find one good enough to send out with the invitations...



Due to incredible mango-ness, Luna Berry is better than Spoon Me (which is huge).


Is it true?

I heard I should wait 'till this goes to the dollar theater...or never see it at all. I'm surprised and disappointed by these reviews.


Happy Birthday Patten!

My first nephew turns two today! I can't wait for his party later tonight...
Love you Patten!


wedding registry

I wonder where y'all registered for your weddings (if you happen to be married)? We're trying to figure out where we want to register and don't want to get sucked into traps. I've heard Target is an absolute NO. Is there anywhere else you'd recommend or advise us to avoid?


Is anyone super blog savvy?

I'm just wondering if anyone knows of a secret way to copy all my links from this blog to the future married blog? I don't want to do it all one by one. Yuck.