An Actual Update

So I am definitely the queen of sporadic change.  I mean seriously.  One minute I am moving out to who knows where, and the next minute I am staying and causing all sorts of problems in organization of the Relief Society presidency and throwing off my apartment complex's homeostasis.  I would like the world to know that although I seem like I am ultra spontaneous and thoughtless, I actually put way too much time and emotion into big decisions.  So much time and emotion, in fact, that I tend to cause problems in my personal homeostasis--which, unfortunately, means more to me than that of my apartment complex.  Sorry.

On a happier note, I did some very important things today!  The happiest thing is that Katelyn (my roommate) and I went to get Indian food with our home teachers tonight.  Oh man it was so good.  I was seriously emotional eating it.  I'm not one for comfort food, but in the torrent of this week's stress that curry really did a body good.  Finally, I nearly finished an entire print today.  I processed two plates and did one printing run.  Tomorrow morning I am going in early and doing the second run so that I can talk with Wayne (my professor) at 11:00 and turn in both prints!  Then I only have one print left (which will be done next week) and I'll be done with lithography!  That will make two classes of make-up work down, and one to go.  You guys have no idea how glorious that sounds.  Class number three will be made up right when I get home from Argentina.

I have a few other happy announcements:

Spoon Me opened in Provo!  HOORAY!  (I've been twice).
- I'm getting married!  PSYCHE!
- I leave two weeks from Thursday.  I seriously can't wait.
- I met with my new faculty advisor today.  Her name is Sunny Belliston and she rocks my world.  I'm really excited to work with her on my portfolio and final show.  Most of her (current) art is architecturally influenced.  And we all know how much I love architectural influences.  I picked her because she is young and hip...and Robert retired.  (I had actually never met her until today, but I liked her art so I snagged her). 
- I got a 179 in speed scrabble Sunday night.  I know what you are thinking (Ben), "The rules changed, I could beat a 179 if I played by those rules".  But no, I don't think you could get excellent, exhibit, torrent, and lively all in the same personal speed scrabble board (using different x's).  There were some other fantastic ones.  Ty, Becca--consider yourselves smack-talked.  I can't wait to play with you.  
- I bought the game Set.  I had Aaron's deck for a while and when we were in Moab I broke the case when I threw my backpack down a giant rock.  I finally replaced his plastic case (which he refused) and got my own deck.  I suggest all of you invest in this game.
- Patten has been making normal baby noises lately (ex: crying, whining).  I just thought I'd announce that because I'm pretty sure all of us were worried about him actually being human (as opposed to angel).
- I am happy right now.  It feels good.

So, that's all.  I'm not sure why I felt inclined to randomly update all three of my faithful readers, but, I did.  Consider yourselves informed.

PS - My little sister Natalie got a blog.  I think she is ridiculously young for such a thing, but...it exists and there's nothing I can do about it.


"And I would also caution you single sisters not to become so independent and self-reliant that you decide marriage isn't worth it and you can do just as well on your own.  Some of our sisters indicate that they do not want to consider marriage until after they have completed their degrees or pursued a career.  This is not right.  Certainly we want our single sisters to maximize their individual potential to be well educated, and to do well at their present employment.  You have much to contribute to society, to your community, and to your neighborhood.  But we earnestly pray that our single sisters will desire honorable marriage in the temple to a worthy man and rear a righteous family, even though this may mean sacrificing of degrees and careers.  Our priorities are right when we realize there is no higher calling than to be an honorable wife and mother."
-Ezra Taft Benson

I really am done for the day I just wanted to announce publicly that I have taken note of this quote.  Thanks.

Becky T

So, a few months ago a dear friend of mine wrote some unexplainably and unjustifiably nice things about me on her blog.  I was lucky enough to spend some time with her this past week and I felt like it was high time I returned the favor.  I kind of forgot--in a "I'm too focused on myself" way--just how much I miss her.  But now she's gone again and I want to let the world know just how much I love and miss-y my Becky T.

Becca knows--more than most people do--what the true meaning of the word sacrifice is.  To most of us it is giving just enough of something up to stay in our comfort zone.  To Becca, it is giving up a major part of her life (ex: BFA in vocal performance, Singers tour, BYU Singers) to move to a city where she knows hardly anybody just so she can be with someone she loves.  Nothing is too hard or too much for Becca.  Those phrases don't even fit in her vocabulary. 

Becca is downright beautiful.  She may be the lightest packer I have ever met, but she still manages to look stunning all the time.

Becca has had a lot of experiences and relationships (romantic and platonic) that have taught her great things about life.  She treasures her family and people in general.  She also treasures our family--and we, of course, treasure her.  (Should I say "treasure again?)

Becca married my Tyler P. and she was one of the most timeless, beautiful brides I have ever seen.  She also wore these boots when she took her bridals (which I think is amazing and wonderful).

She not only snuck my brother out of the country, but managed to do so without (pretty much) anyone knowing.  She was also gutsy enough to post all the pictures months later.  And honestly, how often do you see Tyler smile like that?  I'm so glad that Becca and Tyler have each other.

Becca's birthday falls on Bathtub Party day.  I'm sure none of you have heard of that before, but it's on some "official" internet list...thing.  Oh and we celebrated it.  We partied hard.  Nicole and I made this cake for her when we all lived in Foreign Language Housing together.

Becca and I are the same person. It's kind of scary.  We have uncanny and freaky similarities that never cease to surprise us.  New additions to our list of shared attributes are a love of Jackson Pollock and all things Spoonable.  Sunshine, black and white, plaid, and pebble ice are long-standing favorites.  And she is fun and spontaneous.  It's nice to have someone great to be spontaneous with (my family thinks...a lot).

She refuses to let situations be awkward.  I mean, sure, she can make things awkward sometimes--but she won't let things like the fact that we were both dating the same boy (at the same time) get in the way of the reality that he still needed a birthday cake.  Or cupcakes, in this case.  Becca's ability to withhold judgment in personal situations makes her loveable and approachable.  Some people mistake this for weakness, but I think she is strong.

Becca cries with me when I cut onions.  But she wears waterproof.

She also helped me steal a sign from Natalie's first big musical production...Seussical the Musical.

Love you, Becs.
(and that I copied this entire post idea and format from you.)

¡Nos vemos en Buenos Aires!


Phamily Phun

This past week has been a very happy one.  Tyler and Becca came in town and although everyone was really busy, it was fun to have them around Salt Lake and Provo.  We spent Sunday evening and Monday up at the cabin and had a lot of fun with the entire family.   Dave, Kristin, and I particularly enjoyed winning a head-to-head game of running charades.  Ty and Becca went home today to get ready for Argentina.  I miss them already but we'll be reunited in a few weeks!  Hooray!

PS - Dave, you really should teach your baby some manners.


Craig Decker

Although I'm sure that half of the BYU population has written something about Craig Decker in the past week, I couldn't let him pass without paying tribute to him in one way or another. Craig has been an example to me since the day I first heard him talk. His testimony and life still touch me.

Craig lost his hand in a firework accident over Christmas break in 2006. That didn't stop him from coming back to school, being happy, and influencing the lives of everyone he met. One of my favorite memories involving Craig was during a sacrament meeing last year. Someone was receiving a calling and Craig raised his left hand to sustain him. A high councilman who was sitting in the congregation made a snark comment under his breath--something about, "Who does he think he is raising the wrong hand like that?" A friend from the ward turned to him quickly and said, "He doesn't have a right hand sir." Silence.

Craig made his situation work--no matter how tough.  He said it best in his own words when he wrote, "I will not be a victim, ever."

And that is the most important lesson Craig taught me: to not victimize myself. I am grateful for his stalwart example and for the role he played in my life. While I complain far more than I should, and sometimes whine when I shouldn't, I have caught myself thinking at times that I am grateful I still have all my limbs and muscles--even if they hurt sometimes. More importantly than Craig not having a hand was the way he made do without it. I have no doubt that he was ready to let the Atonement work for him when he drowned last Saturday--in so many ways he already has.

Finally I want to share the goals/statements/rules of life that were found in Craig's journal. I want to adopt them as my own:

1. People are always more important.
2. Do what you need to do when you need to do it whether you want to or not.
3. I am not a victim, ever.
4. Purity is power.
5. Leave it better than when you found it.
6. Life is a joy, a journey in becoming like my Heavenly Father.
7. Live with purpose.

Thanks for everything, Craig. I'm glad you have your hand again...but I know you would have been a great chiropractor without it.

I Spoke Too Spoon.

I hope all of you didn't run over to Spoon Me today to get a taste of their delectable yogurt.  I did, sadly, and found that they are STILL not open.  I was traumatized.  It was the beginning of a terrible, horrible, no good, very bad day...and it started at 4:30 pm.  It was all downhill from there.  

I hope they really do open spoon though.


Coming Spoon!

Friday, July 11, 2008, is going to be one of the happiest days of my life.  Spoon Me opens in Provo!  Yes friends, it's true.  The world's most delectable frozen yogurt will be spooning at 150 West Bulldog.  If anyone comes to visit, I will take them there.  If anyone is having a bad day, I will spoon it away.  If anyone wants a real treat, we will spoon.  And I will save so much gas because I won't have to drive to Salt Lake to fill my monthly spooning quota.

Oh, and please read the frequent spooner's FAQ.  It's kind of funny (#4 and #6 in particular).


Erico Narcissicus

So I made the mistake of reading an entry from Vogie's blog tonight and have nothing better to do so I am going to be (hopefully) the first to respond to his "world tagging" effort.  Ha.  Here goes nothing...

Name Five Things You Love About Eric
Wow this is already more awkward than I thought.  I don't really have five things that I love about Eric (well I'm sure I do but I just think that the following quote is worth five hits):

"I'll be the first to admit it--I have incredibly soft hands.  Never used lotion in my life.  But they're like a pair of baby seals attached to my wrists."

Name Five Things You Were Doing Five Years Ago That Could Potentially Relate to Eric
Singing in Madrigals
Singing in A'Capella
Being Dave Johnson's little sister

Name Five Things You Wish You Could Give to Eric in the Next Five Years
A wife (I have some good ideas)
A job
A baby (See entry #1)

If You Could Be Eric for Five Days, What Would You Do?  Why?
I would travel to Brazil...then I would be able to speak Portuguese (because I'd be Eric, get it?)

If You Were Stuck On A Desert Island With Eric, What Would You Bring to Make Eric Happy?

Name Five Beautiful Things That Remind You of Eric
Twilight - not because I think it is beautiful, but because pretty much everyone I know does, and his blog entry about the grammar is one of the funniest thing's I've ever read.
Baby seals

Name Five Emotions You Associate With Eric
Overwhelming (only a little, sometimes)
Funny (more of a characteristic...)
Smart (another characteristic)

Tag.  You're it!


PS - I know what you are all thinking.  "Oh my gosh Missy is so ADD why can't she pick a stupid blog template?"  Well first of all, its ADHD, not ADD.  And second of all, I was at my parent's house last night and saw my blog from their computer.  Hello--why didn't anyone tell me how nasty that yellow is on some computers?  I would really appreciate more viewer input here.  There you were, thinking I had bad taste, but really it was your fault because you never told me how ugly it was on your computer.  Thanks a lot.

PSS - I know that my blog matches Becca's.  And Dave's sort of.  We are really close.

PPSS - Does anyone know what a coda is?  Psyche!

Stop Holding Your Breath!

So I know that y'all are pretty overwhelmed by the amount of posts that I have been doing lately, but lucky for you, I am taking history of jazz which I attend twice a week for 2 1/2 hours at a time and my teacher does a lot of unnecessary talking so I guess you guys are in for a treat. 

Oh yeah.  Remember how I am running away and you guys are dying to know where I am going?  Well, two of you guessed it.  Well I guess Dave's vote doesn't really count because he didn't actually say the name of the city.  So, Tally dear, you are the winner.  I don't know what you won, but you did.  I'm going to Buenos Aires in August for two weeks.  And, don't cry for me, Argentina, because...nothing.  I just wanted to say that.

For your enjoyment I have included some google image photos of Buenos Aires.  I particularly can't wait for run-down, brightly colored buildings.  I don't know why, there's just something I love about buildings people refuse to tear down.

Anyway, time to learn about Count Basie...


A Little Note.

So, every once in a while I go through this phase where I write a gazillion thank-you notes.  Sometimes I even make a goal of writing one a day, three a week, or something ridiculous like that.  Well, this past year I was not nearly as good about writing thank-you notes.  I truly think it was partly because I wasn't in the FLSR--for some reason the Spirit there just radiates and everyone seems to deserve thank-you notes.  My current ward has a few of these types of people--but anyone who has live in the FLSR (Becca)--knows that the ward at the FLSR is just different than any place else.  Also, my roommate always wrote notes during sacrament meeting and for some reason I didn't want her to think I was copying her.  Yeah my self-esteem is awesome as you can tell...just kidding.   

ANYWAY!  The past little while has been kind of weird for me.  No particular struggles--but I have felt this constantly unsettled feeling which is driving me nuts.  It is sort of an "itch", but mostly a "get your act together so you can figure out what Heavenly Father is trying to tell you" sort of thing.  Needless to say, it has been particularly rough for that reason because I feel like I'm doing everything I can, but I know that I'm missing something.  

Well, today I woke up to study early (I have a killer test at four), and as my roommate left she said, "Oh, there's a note at the door...it's for you".  So, I opened said note and found a little piece of paper with some of the nicest, most needed words on it.  I have been trying to decipher the initials at the bottom but I just realized that it's just a little design and not initialed at all.  I so needed this little snippet of encouragement!

So.  Moral of the story is: I am going to start writing my thank-you notes again, because I forgot that they are needed and don't really get excessive because you don't write them all to the same person.  Also, thank you to whoever wrote me such a sweet little thank-you note.  I guarantee they don't read this blog, but somehow I needed to express just how much it meant to me.