This bug is the closest representation I could find to what ate a chunk off my shoulder today.  This is not a joke.  I felt a stinging, biting pain and took my sweater off to find this Ambush Bug's cousin CRAWLING UP THE INSIDE OF MY CLOTHING.  It bled and hurt and swelled to 3x its original size in a few minutes.  The wound had to be iced for three hours, and there is still a red sore from the miniature pincers.  

I am a survivor. 


Love this.

Oddly enough, I feel that earrings might ruin it.


Payette Lake

Mike and I spent the past week up in McCall, Idaho with his family.  We stayed in a beach cabin and enjoyed a 80*-90* week full of waterskiing, wake boarding, and water football.  As you can tell, it was absolutely torturous and the lake wasn't very pretty.


the narrows.

I got to hike The Narrows Monday & Tuesday with Dad, Nat, and Mike.  I did this hike with Tyler and Dad in high school but we did it all in one day.  I recommend camping overnight--it was fantastic and helpful to spread the distance over two days.  Pictures to come.

Oh yes and I just took my last final, so I get to take a break for the next few weeks.  Hooray!


i miss this.

If only I weren't going to school full-time, trying to finish my finals a week early, working 30 hours a week, and planning a wedding.  

PS - I love that I make it look like I'm some form of awesome extreme rock-climber.


bebe bimbo is here

Well folks, she did it.  My sister-in-law Kristin gave birth to a blubbery baby boy on July 31, 2009.  I was going to say that he was a bouncing baby boy, but he wasn't--he was jiggling.  He weighs 9 1/2 pounds and is a very snuggly and cute.  Oh yeah and his name is Kimball Neal Johnson.  Both he and mom are doing well!

(Future) Uncle Mike and Kimball.

Natalie, Patten, and Bebe Bimbo (as he is referred to by Patten).