Can't stop listening...

...to either of these. They provide a nice contrast, actually.
I'm just glad it's time to officially bring Sarah out.


I'm gettin' married...

...in less than a month! I can't believe it! And I can't wait!


Coming next August...

Well, I guess we're actually going next August...

Mike has been working his tail off to get a great job for after graduation. As the semester has gone on, we've been incredibly blessed to have employment options. We finally accepted an offer in San Francisco yesterday! Mike will be working as a consultant, and while we don't yet have an apartment, we're excited to live downtown in a fantastic city.

We're so excited to live by Ty & Becca, Curt & Naomi, (hopefully) Josh & Mame, and some of our dear friends. We hope some of you will come and visit!


come one, come all...

I have three pieces in this show. It's being put up in the JFSB on Tuesday with an opening reception at the bottom of the spiral staircase Thursday evening from 6-8 pm. Hope to see you there!


little yellow house

Mike and I found a little yellow house to rent today! We are renting the main floor and we are so excited! The kitchen has a navy blue and white checkered floor. :) Also, ironically, the current tenants are sweet Ali (now Spittler, formerly Close,) and her husband. They're moving to DC in December and we lucked out to snag their contract before they took off!


just read this...

I recently joined a book club run by the two and only (ha!) Jules Ferreira & Brittany Bland. We read this book for our first...book reading? It was very fun. And somewhat predictable. But still fun and engaging!


engagement pictures.

Click here to see them. Which one should we use for announcements?
I L-O-V-E Anna Page!

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