bfa final show

Currently Untitled
March 3rd - 17th
Harris Fine Arts Center
Brigham Young University
Artist's Reception: March 5th, 2010; 6:00-8:30 pm

I'll post an image from the actual show when I have five seconds to document them. For now, this will give you a hint at what it'll be like.

Hope to see you there!


B said...

heck yah!!!! I love that print, so cool. I put it on the calendar... can't wait! you go girl!

Caitlin said...

um.. ok that was supposed to be MY comment, I guess Brittney used my computer last :) But anyway... heck yah!

t.t.turner said...

What an accomplishment! I'm sure it will be amazing - congratulations! Wish we could see it, so we're expecting documentation on this here blog. :)

amanda jane said...

oh my! this looks fabulous!
I wish we could see it!