A REAL Update

Well, I decided that I should provide a small update for my true followers (all 3 of you):
  • I recently postponed my BFA final show from March 17-30, 2009, to an unknown time in the future.  My show will probably be the last two weeks of March in 2010.
  • I postponed my show because I decided to "double major" in art education.  But because so many of the classes overlap, it's not technically double majoring, just earning a BFA in painting with licensure and certification in art education.  Whatever.  I like to say that I am double majoring.  It makes me feel better.
  •  I never planned on being an art teacher.  But, as our good friend John Lennon reminded us, "Life is what happens when you're busy making other plans."
  • Architecture is, obviously, out of the picture.  
  • M&M are still going strong.
  • I am super duper busy finishing art education classes in one year.  That is why I never answer my phone, never call people back, and, though I don't appear to show remorse, feel really bad about it.  Lizzie, I'll call you on Monday.  I'm gasping for air right now!
  • I just bought these earrings.  They are too cute.

And now it is time to continue doing homework.



I don't read many blogs on a regular basis, but I checked Shaylee's and realized I had been tagged quite a while ago!  Here goes my best attempt at coming up with answers.  I seriously had to think a lot about most of these (except for the restaurants, because there are only so many I can eat at).

8 Shows I watch (This is pushing it.  Some of these have been seen maybe thrice in the past few years) :
2: Gilmore Girls
3: The Office
4: U of U sporting events
5: The news
6: Arrested development
7: I watched Arthur when I was little
8: I also watched Wishbone

8 Restaurants I like to eat at:
2: Kneaders
3: Zupas
4: Rumbi's
5: Thai Ruby
6: Cafe Rio
7: My kitchen
8: My Mom's kitchen

8 things I did today:
1: Ate breakfast
2: Worked on a team project
3: Cooked/ate lunch with Mike
4: Gave a presentation
5: Walked to and from campus twice
6: Found out I have to talk in church on Sunday on top of giving my RS lesson
7: Talked to my Mom
8: Decided to keep the coat I've been wondering about

8 things I'm looking forward to:
1: Flexibility class tonight
2: Being done talking in church (I love teaching)
3: Graduation in approximately 16 months
4: ?
5: Rock climbing in the morning
6: Summer
7: Travels
8: My BFA show in a year 

8 things I wish for:
3: Spoon Me/Luna Berry 
4: A degree
6: Every color of Winsor & Newton watercolor
7: Unlimited traveling opportunities
8: A J Crew factory in my closet

PS: Guys!  I saw two movies this past week.  I hardly ever go to movies because I usually fall asleep.  But we had free access to both of these so me falling asleep wasn't really an issue...

1: Seven Pounds
My take: confusing at first, kind of intense, crazy story, don't agree with the principle, but I think it's definitely worth seeing at least once.  And Will Smith is great.  I actually recommend it even though it looks like I hated it from the above commentary.

2: Marley & Me
My take: cute movie, a little too long, and I think I'd get more into it if I had ever had a pet.  But I liked it a lot and also think it's worth seeing.

That's all.


Internal Rivalry

Almost 5 years ago, my parents "made" me apply to BYU to keep my doors open. This seemed like a ridiculous request to me because I was and had always been planning on going to the University of Utah. I had grown up going to sporting events with red ribbons in my hair, watched the Utes race through the final four in 1998, and have continued to cheer on their football team even though I eventually made the decision to attend the big BY instead of the U.
And though I registered for classes begrudgingly, I have always been aware that I made the right decision to come here. I just haven't known why.
Well, as graduation was (falsely) creeping up on me, I realized that I have had experiences and met certain people that have made nearly being disowned by my Grandpa (the die-hard Crimson Club member) worth it:

1) I applied to the art program. I found something I was relatively good at and have excelled in a competitive environment. I also met Robert Marshall, Wayne Kimball, and Joe Ostraff--all professors who have changed my life dramatically.
2) I got to live in King Henry by Tyler and all of the 39ers. Everyone thought Tyler and I were dating until close to the end of the year...we weren't.
3) I have some of the best and funniest dating and NOT dating stories of anyone I know.
4) I got to live with Lizzie, Catherine, Megan, and Stace in Liberty Square. Mariah Carey Christmas anyone?
5) I lived in foreign language housing and fell in love with Spanish (even though I may not have spoken it all the time while there).
6) I met Becca, my near-clone. She married Tyler.
7) I went to Italy and met/had adventures with some of my best friends all over that blessed country.
8) I found a job that I love more than going to school.
9) I have been in a place that helps build my testimony instead of keep it stagnant (not to say that students at the U don't have testimonies or anything like that of course). This environment has helped with personal growth even though it has hurt my GPA (my worst grade is in Book of Mormon. Funny how that works).
10) M&M
11) I fell in love with family history.
12) I have had wonderful roommates (separate from Scandal Square, which was its own entity): Becca, Erica, Natalie, Jenny, Kristin, Jenny, Rachel, Bekah, Anne, Sarah, Eli...
13) The Quarry. Rock climbing until I can't hold on anymore.
14) Thursday girls.

All of these things, in no particular order of course, have shaped me over the past few years. And though I will always claim Utah as my number one team, BYU has slowly crept in and established itself as my number one school.

I never thought I'd say that.