My family ROCKS!

Okay, seriously, my family ROCKS! That's why I put this picture of Andy Goldsworthy's art up here. Now, I'd like to get excited for my family in order of the most recent event to what happened...earlier this week. It's been a good week for the Johnsons! :)

First of all, today Tyler found out that he is going to STANFORD for his residency! It was his first choice on his "match" list, so, it's a really big deal that he and Becca get to go there. I'm so proud of him! And I'm excited to visit those two in California of course!
And a few days ago Natalie found out that she is the only East High Leopard going to the state drama competition in the musical theater category! I am so excited for her! I knew that all her dramatic energy would someday have a purpose! Just kidding my Nat.
And, earlier this week, but no less importantly, Dave and Kristin found out that Patten is going to have a little BROTHER! I wonder what they'll name him? Oh, and I don't have a picture of me with Dave and Kristin so we'll need to work on that.

Congrats you guys! I love you all!


Long-lost love(s)

I went skiing on Saturday.  I haven't been skiing since the beginning of high school.  I hit the slopes my fair share when I was younger, but, in high school I played volleyball year-round and skiing was well-known as an absolute no-no.

I was a little bit nervous to go, but was surprised to find it's like riding a bike!  I picked it up again rather quickly, and while I wasn't performing to my best ability by the end of the day, I was still able to ski a lot of blacks by the time we went home.  Oh, and I fell once (well twice, but one wasn't my fault).  A picture documenting the event will be uploaded later.

I forgot how much I love skiing.  And now the season is almost over and I won't be able to enjoy it until next year.  Sadness.

Also...when I visited Google today I was reminded of how much I love Dr. Seuss.  The Dr. Seuss Google logo may very well be my favorite yet (Pollock was a close second)!  

What has been your favorite Google logo decor?