LOVE this picture courtesy of Becca Johnson

Well, we're back from our delightful honeymoon where we cozied up in a cabin in Southern Utah. It was perfect. Pictures of the wedding, honeymoon, and future comments from the peanut gallery will be posted on our "married blog:"


Add that to your bookmarks (for those of you that have them) and check back here once in a while for random nothing posts. Thanks to all of you who came to the wedding and made our day perfect!


top 3

Meaghan Smith, Wish Upon a Star

Sarah McLachlan, Wintersong

Mindy Smith, My Holiday

These lovely ladies are helping me get through the week. I just LOVE their holiday music! Ms. Emily showed me Mindy and Meaghan...I can't thank her enough!

Did I mention I'm getting married the day after tomorrow!? :)


happy belated birthday!

So, I wasn't going to put one of these up because I was supposed to SEE Natalie on her birthday. But then my car died (battery fried, jumper cables destroyed), and Mike and I ended up staying in Provo. :(

So, I'd like to wish my "little" now-17-year-old sister a late but still very
HaPpY bIrThDaY
for all the world to see! Or, at least, whoever reads this.

I love you Nat!

PS - Does she have longer eyelashes me? We've come to our own conclusions (I'm not actually asking, just pointing out her delicious lashes).
PSS - That boy is not her boyfriend, simply her date to winter dance. And, I must say, that outfit we picked out for her was pretty incredible.


married blog.

Hey kiddies -
I'm getting married in less than two weeks, and I guess it would be fitting to have a blog that tracks my adventures with my (almost) husband! So, if you're interested, the online home of the future Missy & Mike WALLACE will be:
I don't know what I'm going to do with this one.



This is the only picture I have of my sweet apartment. It's beautiful, clean inside and out, and my contract NEEDS TO SELL! If you know any girls in the Provo/Orem area looking for a great apartment full of great girls, please tell them I'm selling my contract. It includes:
  • 2 shared bedrooms
  • 3 bathrooms
  • large living room/kitchen area
  • front and back porch
  • private parking underneath
  • local and efficient management
  • 2 blocks from campus
  • in a "Condo Row" ward
  • winter contract ONLY (they can extend if they want, but I'm only selling the winter part which is hard to come by)
Have any girl you know is looking for an apartment contact me: missmelissaj@gmail.com . Thanks!

(And SORRY I have resorted to such desperate measures to sell...)