There is always someone lonely out there.

Tonight I randomly felt that I should share this with someone. Not sure who. This was written by a wise english teacher a few years ago, and shared with me my by my dear friend Cait. I hope it makes someone feel good.

"Never mistake aloneness for loneliness. In order to grow, you need
time away, away from the noises of the world, friends, comfort, and
all distractions to find what is important and fulfilling. These
alone moments build character and show the level of patience you are
willing to endure to find the spirit and wrestle with thoughts that tell
you you aren't worth anything or you can't do it right.

When you are lonely, you are saying, 'I don't have much meaning in my
life. Someone come and make me happy. I am unwilling to give because
I am feeling sorry for myself. You, world and all the people I know,
are responsible for entertaining me and proving to me that I am

Change these moments of loneliness into ones of aloneness. Alone, and
all by yourself, do as the Savior taught you to do: serve. This takes
courage and sacrifice of your self-centeredness. Endure being alone
to find that you are loved and have love to give. That decision made
in your heart will bring a glow to you that will attract others to
you. You won't be lonely because you will have yourself, those you
give to, and the Savior guiding you through."