Mexican Party

So, my roommate is 1/2 Mexican and I use that as an excuse to make funny Mexican jokes endlessly. Lucky for me, her birthday is coming up on March 1st. Do you know what that means? I get to throw a birthday party! And not just any birthday party. I get to throw a MEXICAN birthday party. I can't wait. Natalie (my roommate) and I are throwing a "Dress like a Mexican" party complete with horchata, a piñata, and a nacho bar. My friend Cesar is taking me to a bunch of local Mexican stores and we are going to play super-loud mariachi music and have the Three Amigos playing on silent. Because I am brilliant I thought you might like to read the invitation that will be spreading across Facebook like wildfire in a couple of days (the above picture is part of the invitation of course):

"Now is your chance. For all of you who have felt the intense craving that comes to one while watching the Three Amigos, we are finally providing you with the opportunity to BE Chevy Chase. You can look like Steven Martin. Practice your Spanish and you will become Martin Short.

Hombres, grab your Sarapes. Mujeres, pull out your huipiles, quechquémitles, and rebozos. Mariachis, its time for your charros.

For the rest of you, we suggest you sport a sombrero, put on a poncho, or pencil in a fake mustache. Drape a Mexican flag across your shoulders and dye your hair that irresistible shade of black. Its time to pay homage to our very own little Mexican, ERICA MORRIS, on her upcoming birthday."

Well, that's all folks. I am just really excited to throw a Mexican party. I thought you should know.

PS - The thought bubble says, "I wish I looked as Mexican as Erica Morris". You may be humored to know that she doesn't look Mexican...at all.

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JT & Lizzie Davis said...

I wish I could come to this fiesta! The Nacho bar sounds fabulous, the invitations are hilarious, and can I please know more about your friend named Cesar? Seriously, cool party. And, cool blog!