Betcha Didn't Know...

So I have realized (usually when set up on blind dates) that a lot of people who think they know me really, really don't.  (Ex: "Oh my gosh, I totally found your EC, you are going to love this guy he's perfect for you."  Date happens.  I get home thinking, "DO YOU KNOW ME!?")  I have come to realize over the past few years that I am a somewhat surprising person.  And, in lieu of this recent realization I have decided to treat all of you (who probably actually do know me) to ten things you might not know about me.

001.  I love to hate anyone who looks good in skinny jeans.  I pretend I hate those pants, but I am actually jealous of anyone who can pull them off.  I am ultra-jealous of people who successfully wear skinny jeans and have a pretty face.  I feel like that doesn't usually happen.
002.  I hated country music (with a burning passion) my entire life.  Then I decided it was kind of happy a few years ago and started listening to it.  Lately I have been avoiding it like the plague again (though it tends to sneak in every once in a while).
003.  I am smart.  I wish I could tell all the stories I have about people thinking or insinuating I'm stupid just because I am an art major.  
004.  I refuse to eat shellfish (and pretty much any seafood besides actual fish) because my dad is allergic to it.  I tried shrimp once and I almost threw up (texture, flavor, everything, revolting).  I also refuse to eat squash, zucchini, and anything that is blue (naturally or artificially).  
005.  I want to live in another country for a few years.  Soon.  I like big cities and I like walking everywhere.
006.  I ate organic food before my health dictated it.  I like conserving energy and I like "green" things and ideas.  I am pretty much a tree-hugger at heart, but I am too obsessed with fashion and clothing to wear all-hemp and recycled apparel (though they are starting to make a lot of really cool, really "green" items).
007.  I don't know my love language.  I didn't really know what that was until Saturday at work when my supervisor was telling us to learn the girls' love languages and use that knowledge to create stronger bonds.  The five "languages" are: words of affirmation, quality time, receiving gifts, acts of service, and physical touch.  Does anyone know their language?  Does anyone know mine?
008.  If there were some way to get rid of every single cat on the planet, I would volunteer to do it.
009.  I don't like fake people.  I don't like ulterior motives.  I especially don't like it when people think that I don't realize they are fake.  I'm pretty observant and I think it would be better for both parties if time and energy wasn't wasted on fake emotion. 
010.  I am scared to graduate from college because there are so many things I want to do with my life.  It overwhelms me to think that after earning my degree it's not a matter of waiting but a choice of which path to take.


JT and Lizzie Davis said...

Blind dates are so werid. I am always shocked when I meet someone (very rarely) who is married and met on a blind date.

This list is so funny, I loved the ones I knew and the loved learning about the ones I didn't know. The "Love Languages" one is interesting - it is something I never really thought about until I got married. Trying to figure out what mine is and more importantly trying to figure out what JT's is is a good (and on-going) journey.

You're the best. Wish you could come over for late night chats.

Patten said...

I agree on the shellfish phobia - or at least I used to. Kristin's family has shrimp on many of the holidays and I've grown to LOVE it. Kristin doesn't like it though - so she must be keeping the anti-shellfish trend alive.

As for cats, I agree.

jen said...

Loved this list.

As for hating shellfish, I understand, but I also feel sorry for you. It's pretty much amazing.

I just finished reading the 5 love languages a lil' bit ago. My love language is definitely and most certainly touch, and quality time. Touch with Aaron, QT with everyone else. I think that might be yours. Even though you have no time, it seems important to you. Either that or words of affirmation.

You should read the book, it was really good. It gives great vocabulary and explanations to understand it more clearly. I loved it.

jen said...

Oh yeah, and I LOVE the post picture!
I'm so sad that cookie monster is now vegan, or that cookies are a "sometimes treat". He was so cute when he got so excited for those biscuits.

jenny said...

Um I think you stole my list, but its ok cause we're enmeshed. Except for the cat thing - if you ever touched my cats I would hunt you down and rip your arms off. But other than that I love love you and you're the best ever, because we're enmeshed and your like me. And I'm the best ever.