don't cry for me, argentina (i'll be crying for you)

After a glorious two weeks here in Argentina, my trip is finally coming to a close. I have enjoyed the luxuries of hammocs and banana smoothies, free time and sleeping in, only to turn around again to start school on Tuesday. Hno. Spannaus asked me last night if I was starting to feel at home here; Becca rightly informed him that I felt at home as soon as I arrived. So, thank you familia Spannaus and Orquera, for your hospitality and generosity. Thanks Ty and Becca, for letting me crash your six-week party. Thanks to all of you "readers" for checking up on me. Thanks Argentina, for stealing my heart. I definitely needed this.
Oh and thanks to everyone for making this a great birthday, though I still grimace at the fact that my age is a palindrome for only the second time since single digits.


Anonymous said...


Very cool and best birthday wishes ever, for the third or fouth time today.

We miss you so much on your birthday, so much!

Te amo,


JT and Lizzie Davis said...

Call me when you get home. Miss you!

preethi said...

I love palindromes! Our address is a palindrome. It makes me happy. People get confused when I tell them that.