I don't read many blogs on a regular basis, but I checked Shaylee's and realized I had been tagged quite a while ago!  Here goes my best attempt at coming up with answers.  I seriously had to think a lot about most of these (except for the restaurants, because there are only so many I can eat at).

8 Shows I watch (This is pushing it.  Some of these have been seen maybe thrice in the past few years) :
2: Gilmore Girls
3: The Office
4: U of U sporting events
5: The news
6: Arrested development
7: I watched Arthur when I was little
8: I also watched Wishbone

8 Restaurants I like to eat at:
2: Kneaders
3: Zupas
4: Rumbi's
5: Thai Ruby
6: Cafe Rio
7: My kitchen
8: My Mom's kitchen

8 things I did today:
1: Ate breakfast
2: Worked on a team project
3: Cooked/ate lunch with Mike
4: Gave a presentation
5: Walked to and from campus twice
6: Found out I have to talk in church on Sunday on top of giving my RS lesson
7: Talked to my Mom
8: Decided to keep the coat I've been wondering about

8 things I'm looking forward to:
1: Flexibility class tonight
2: Being done talking in church (I love teaching)
3: Graduation in approximately 16 months
4: ?
5: Rock climbing in the morning
6: Summer
7: Travels
8: My BFA show in a year 

8 things I wish for:
3: Spoon Me/Luna Berry 
4: A degree
6: Every color of Winsor & Newton watercolor
7: Unlimited traveling opportunities
8: A J Crew factory in my closet

PS: Guys!  I saw two movies this past week.  I hardly ever go to movies because I usually fall asleep.  But we had free access to both of these so me falling asleep wasn't really an issue...

1: Seven Pounds
My take: confusing at first, kind of intense, crazy story, don't agree with the principle, but I think it's definitely worth seeing at least once.  And Will Smith is great.  I actually recommend it even though it looks like I hated it from the above commentary.

2: Marley & Me
My take: cute movie, a little too long, and I think I'd get more into it if I had ever had a pet.  But I liked it a lot and also think it's worth seeing.

That's all.


JT and Lizzie Davis said...

I love the Hobo clutch. You must get that. It's totally your style.

Also, since we've moved to a small town in CT (but not quite as small as Stars Hallow) I have been obsessed with Gilmore Girls. True story.

t.t.turner said...

The second you said Bombay House and Thai Ruby, I started missing Provo - and I never thought I would miss Provo. Egon Schiele is amazing!

Shan said...

I want Bombay HOuse!!! And fun Bollywood nights. Miss you!

Josh and Lar said...

I loved Arthur and Wishbone too! Ha ha. And it sounds like your graduation plans have changed....when will your BFA show be now?