A REAL Update

Well, I decided that I should provide a small update for my true followers (all 3 of you):
  • I recently postponed my BFA final show from March 17-30, 2009, to an unknown time in the future.  My show will probably be the last two weeks of March in 2010.
  • I postponed my show because I decided to "double major" in art education.  But because so many of the classes overlap, it's not technically double majoring, just earning a BFA in painting with licensure and certification in art education.  Whatever.  I like to say that I am double majoring.  It makes me feel better.
  •  I never planned on being an art teacher.  But, as our good friend John Lennon reminded us, "Life is what happens when you're busy making other plans."
  • Architecture is, obviously, out of the picture.  
  • M&M are still going strong.
  • I am super duper busy finishing art education classes in one year.  That is why I never answer my phone, never call people back, and, though I don't appear to show remorse, feel really bad about it.  Lizzie, I'll call you on Monday.  I'm gasping for air right now!
  • I just bought these earrings.  They are too cute.

And now it is time to continue doing homework.


Natalie said...

You would buy those earrings for 20 bucks!! Haha love

Colby and Ginny said...

Missy I guess we don't have to meet up for lunch I just read it in your blog...JUST KIDDING. Miss I love you and your M&Ms and your earrings and everything else. I know you are super duper busy but I just want to see your pretty face

Bart and Michelle said...

Hey Missy! I'm sure you don't think I follow your blog, but I do. :) I'm guessing M&Ms is a certain guy? Kayley was just talking about you and wondering about your love life. :) ha ha Sounds like life is moving right along for you! Good luck with your busy schedule.

iyouandme said...

I love the earrings. They sort of remind me of ones in Italy. I lost one of my coral rose one. SUCK SUCK SUCK. But it's ok.

BTW, postponing BFA shows are soooo cool.

JT and Lizzie Davis said...

I saw those earrings at Anthro yesterday & thought they were SO cute. Lucky!

Way to go on the art education major. You are such a "go getter" as they say. You are going to be an AMAZING art teacher.

I can't wait to talk to you, because guess what?! My parents have been called on a mission!!!

caitlin connolly said...

it looks like you have more than 3 followers... and I loved the update. Life is just busy, and it's crazy that we only live 40 minutes away, but I never see you enough! Cute earings ps.

Jarom said...

K nice earrings... I was a bit confused about M&M like legitimately ha ha- then I figured it out. It's Miguel right?

Anonymous said...


Paint, paint, paint for that show, even though it's out in the future a ways.

You will be a great teacher!

Te amo,


Shan said...

Good luck!!!

Aaron and Whitney Johnson said...

hey missy, what part of the BF Larsen was your show scheduled for?

Josh and Lar said...

wow. good luck with the art ed! that's awesome. look at you, missy!just don't get sucked into the strange art ed world. ha ha.