A gangster at heart?

Okay, so, weirdest thing ever.  Last night I was absolutely exhausted and going to bed early (I had to leave for work at 6:15 this morning), but I couldn't sleep.  Why?  Because there was this really catchy song going through my head.  And not just any song.  A hip-hop, R&B masterpiece.  Composed by ME.

This was a very surreal experience.  I kept hearing these anonymous, Macy Gray-esque females chanting, singing, oo-ing and ah-ing in the background.  And intermittently I would hear an anonymous--obviously black--male (perhaps P. Diddy?) "singing" about how he couldn't fall asleep, he stayed awake at night, etc, etc.  

I'm pretty sure this song would be its own, double-platinum single hit.  

...but I can't remember any more than I just told you.


preethi said...

Hahahahaha that is phenomenal. And kinda sad. I was looking forward to having a famous vocal artist friend. Guess I'll have to settle for watercolor. :)

Also, I've had a very catchy capoeria song (Dan is taking a class in it) stuck in my head for about a week. Perhaps we should combine forces.

Missy Johnson said...


Tanner Mills said...

nice pic.