Google templates/Summer "Rain Dance"

So, I have to admit that when I first got wind of the Google templates, I was pretty disappointed.  I think a lot of them are really corny (just like a lot of "blog skins,") but, the other day I decided to change mine to a beach scene and it makes me super happy every time I check my email.  I have been pining for summer for a few weeks now (okay, fine, all winter), and the deceptively bright skies outside break my heart every time I step out the door and realize I still need a coat. 

But I am wondering: 

Have you chosen to decorate your inbox with a Google template?

Which scene/color scheme?

Do you like it?  

Comments please!

PS - How do you summon Summer?  I have been wearing brighter clothes (against my greatest fashion sense) and a little bit shorter of sleeves to make the sun shine brighter and more readily.  I think it's working!


Noelle said...

That pic you put up in my blog header. :) I have the "mountain template" on my gmail but I have to agree, most of them are quite cheesy.

jen said...

ninjas all the way.

Stephen said...

I have the bus stop one because there is a Giraffe.

Shan said...

I have the mountain template, but I have to admit it was a tough call between that one and the beach template. I love reading your blog! It makes me happy!

Britt said...

Mine's pretty basic - Shiny. I've totally been using the bright colors trick too. Summer, where ARE you?!

Anonymous said...

I don't have any template, BB, but I still love you.


preethi said...

BUS STOP! Oh, wait, Stephen already said that. But it is the best. And yes, it is because of the giraffe. It likes to look over at your message when you are writing an email. It makes me unreasonably happy every time.