oldies but goodies.

I'm not sure why, but for some reason I'm feeling very nostalgic today. It could be because I just got back from a simple and wonderful trip to Fairview with my family (and M). It could also be because I'm trying to avoid studying. Perhaps the fact that my life is full of huge (and wonderful) changes is making me antsy and desperate for something sturdy to hold on to. The past doesn't change, so I think that's why it's on my mind today. I was looking through some of the (literally) thousands of pictures on my computer and found a few that made me smile. Ironically enough, most of them are from times when my life was changing dramatically. This makes me content and excited about the changes that are happening now, because these pictures represent some of my fondest memories.
*If you aren't in a picture, it doesn't mean you aren't included in my favorite memories. :)
 PS - Can't wait for nephew number two to get here later this week!  I hope Krisy is comfortable until then...


Mike said...

Sunglasses indoors. Hot.

P.S. One guess what my vote was for the wedding colors.

amanda jane and cree lane said...

ok, so weird weird weird.
but i think i rode the bus back to philly last night with the girl on your left in the last photo....she looked familiar and then i just saw her on your blog. crazy.

JT and Lizzie Davis said...

Happy pictures, Meesh. Where was the first one taken? You look so peaceful & pretty.

I kind of needed this post today - the perspective that even among change there is goodness. That picture of Trio Love was the day I moved to NYC (and out of Utah indefinitely). Talk about big changes. I had NO idea how much my life, and as a result myself, would change. I cried almost every day that week, not out of sadness really -- I was so excited to start this huge adventure with my BRAND new husband! It was just emotional. It was a crazy time for me, but crazy good, and I've found it just gets better, even if I have no idea what the future holds!

Can't wait to see what your future holds too!

Anonymous said...

(Not really anonymous, but Dad said:)

I love every one of these photos.
and, I love nostalgia!

Oldies rock!

You rock!

Te amo!

caitlin connolly said...

check out that polaroid! So cool! You look lovely as ever :) And by the way I voted for navy, gold,etc... and I think my vote is worth like 10 votes or something, so just keep that in mind.