the narrows.

I got to hike The Narrows Monday & Tuesday with Dad, Nat, and Mike.  I did this hike with Tyler and Dad in high school but we did it all in one day.  I recommend camping overnight--it was fantastic and helpful to spread the distance over two days.  Pictures to come.

Oh yes and I just took my last final, so I get to take a break for the next few weeks.  Hooray!


Josh and Laura said...

I did the narrows all in one day last summer and I think my feet are still scarred from my chaos rubbing against my feet. I totally wish I would have done it in two, to slow down and enjoy it!
p.s. Is Pete going to be at your reception? If so, which carved neckerchief will he be wearing???

Shan said...

Gorgeous colors! YOu have a great eye for tha sort of thing!!!

Anonymous said...

What a bone-crunching, foot-slicing, awe-inspiring, riot of a time we had for a couple of days in the Narrows!

Didn't see a single other person on Monday--had the canyon all to ourselves! :)

So much fun to be with Nat and M&M!

Love, Dad

jenny said...

It's Jenny. I'm going to be a blog stalker now! Miss youuu