This bug is the closest representation I could find to what ate a chunk off my shoulder today.  This is not a joke.  I felt a stinging, biting pain and took my sweater off to find this Ambush Bug's cousin CRAWLING UP THE INSIDE OF MY CLOTHING.  It bled and hurt and swelled to 3x its original size in a few minutes.  The wound had to be iced for three hours, and there is still a red sore from the miniature pincers.  

I am a survivor. 


Mame said...

OUCH!!!!! seriously ewwie OUCH! where WERE you when you got bit?!?!!? were at your place?! how did it get inside ... EWWWWIE

love you
and your blogs

Becca said...

that is AWFUL.

Shan said...

That is disgusting! Where were you?