Eggs are Cool

One of my favorite memories from elementary school was making Ukrainian Easter Eggs, also known as Pysanky. The art of Pysanky involves hot wax, dyes, no patterns, and a serious need for steady hands. I remember creating my own egg in this fashion (I still wonder why we were trusted with such dangerous/expensive tools in 6th grade), and realizing how ultra-lame American eggs looked after they had been submerged in vinegar and Paws dye. Then I was wasting time on NOTCOT today and I saw this awesome Slovenian artist, Franc Grom, who drills beautiful designs into eggs using an electric boring tool. I don't really have that much to say about it, I'm just happy that someone has finally been able to make an egg as beautiful as the Ukrainians.

Oh and I'm obsessed with the little girl on August Rush.



Becca and Ty said...

ty and I just rented august rush. :)

JT & Lizzie Davis said...

Meesh, I thought you would want to know that JT surprised me with tickets to see Hairspray for my birthday. We're going on Friday! It made me think of you.

cait said...

I wonder how many eggs that guy has crushed in comparison to how many he has finished. I'd like to know. If it's less than half, I'm amazed. I think we should venture down this lane together, hand in hand, with eggs. What do you think?