The Only Thing Better Than Hairpsray...

The long-awaited Hairspray party finally happened last night. Of course it was amazing. We had a full house and platters full of food to feed hungry sing-a-long attenders. Some of us dressed up, as noted below, and we had a blast. The only thing I regret is that I didn't have time to make my hair overwhelmingly huge.

Awkward. We couldn't really get the camera to work and this caught me a little off-guard.

Ben is trying to be Corny Collins...and he looks a little goofy.

Rachel is Penny. Obviously.


Her hair is huge but in a different way.

Jane (Amber), Bekah (Tracy), Rachel (Penny), Me (unspecified character), Natalie (not dressed up)

Beautiful Hairspray sing-a-long ladies!


T&T Turner said...

Found your blog through Ty & Becca. You're so cute! And the Hairspray party... you are my hero. Ben is Taylor's cousin - small world! Pretty much your links are all the bookmarks on my browser, so good job!

JT & Lizzie Davis said...

This looks like a rockin' party. I am sorry to say that I've never seen Hairspray!