I'm a R-U-N-N-E-R!

I know that you guys are thinking,  "But this blog title makes no sense!  Missy can't run, she has asthma and is really lazy."  Guys...seriously.  "Running" doesn't always involve marathon training and heavy breathing.  I mean that.

So, every once in a while I get an itch.  A really bad one.  And I realize, suddenly, that I can't stand where I am and that I have to get out--pronto.  Such itching has sparked spontaneous trips to Zion, California, Salt Lake, and my studio.  I can't stand itches.  They make me run away to places I don't plan on visiting and do things I never thought i would.  In retrospect running is fun, but it is habit-forming and sometimes causes bad results (ex: me running away from countless relationships/potential relationships with no reason at all and never talking to people again).  Oh well.  

So...to make a really awkward transition, I just want to mention that I ran away the past two summers and I'm doing it again.  But before I (don't really) tell you where I'm going I'm going to share pictures from the past two summers...

I ran away from Mr. McFriggity in Florence after he showed me about twenty pictures he had taken OF ME throughout the night...

After lots and lots of painting we ran away to this little village that one of our professors' wives found in Vogue.  Utterly romantic (he only has one wife, that looks weird to me).

We ran all around Venice.  And I ran to the bathroom when the nice gelato man gave me Tirimasu gelato instead of Nocciola...

I ran to this cow as soon as I saw it and took beautiful model-pose pictures on it.

We ran home after "swimming" in the Mediterranean...Krista had a bunch of sea urchins stuck in her foot so we did a collaborative surgery on her for a few hours that night.

I ran away after I knocked the leaning tower over...

I wanted to run away to Italy forever after this night in Florence (and coincidentally decided not to stay for the job in Milan a few days later...)

I fell off the bridge looking at the Ponte Vecchio.

I ran down about 1,000 stairs after taking this picture on top of the Duomo.

(I actually did RUN past the Arno many mornings, thankyouverymuch.)

Robyn and I ran all over Florence this day and were late to class because we got soooo lost.

I ran away to Mexico and...ha.

I ran over Cesar (I told him I would step on his feet if we did the Tango).  Does anyone recognize that skirt?

I ran toward these boys and took a picture of them.

I ran around la casa de la familia Cervantes Cardenas the whole time we were in Obregon.

I wanted to run away with these children but since they were already in an orphanage I decided to spare them more psychological damage.

I ran around la casa de la familia Cervantes Cardenas with these children.  Some of the sweetest I have ever met, and their baby Spanish is one of the most beautiful things I have ever heard.

And now I'm running away again (no, not from a relationship).  
Does anyone know what city this is?


Shannon Ryther said...

Hoorah for running away! I'm doing the same! I'm so excited for you and this adventure!!!! (and I like to use exclamation points) :)

JT & Lizzie Davis said...

This post is hilarious, I laughed out loud. The pic of you on that cow statue in Italy is fabulous. Okay, so I think those last two pictures look like Sydney Australia. Am I right? Are you really going there?

Becca said...

YAY!!!!!!!! :) so happy. so so so happy. this is me doing the missy/becca/bebee/tyler/whoever-else-is-crazy turkey/old lady/loud person scream of joy/surprise/happiness... you get it. :)

Becca said...

okay apparently I'm retarded. it took me like 6 of your elxkvkn dsldkf xlkjnsldkfj ;l lj klfsj word verification thingies to actually post a comment.


Patten said...

My guess is this is the city Ty and Becca are visiting in August. I can't remember which city they are visiting - but I'm sure this is it.

Missy Johnson said...

Oh wow Dave left a comment! I should do cliff-hanger, interactive blog posts more often!

T&T Turner said...


Anonymous said...


I think the best thing about running is that you can both to and away from things -- sometimes at the same time.

And, I agree, you are a "runner," and a very good one, and that is cool.

And, I know the City -- but, I'll let someone else tell.

And, the U. Museum of Fine Arts Show is open until . . . . I don't know when -- I need to call later, I guess. Looks like we need tickets for "Monet to Picaso." I'll have to check it out.

And, te amo,


Ginny Huo said...

Oh missy oh dear how much I love you and your posts and how in every adventure you seem to be in that plaid skirt...how unusual :)