Time for Mooshy Gooshy

So I've noticed that sometimes bloggers make little tribute posts about people and things that they love. And quite frankly, I think it's high time I made one of these posts (about a person [or, I guess, people]) for two reasons: I am sick of reading and painting and more importantly, I love my family more than anything. So, you get to hear about all the members of my family (besides myself) in order from oldest to youngest (immediate family members and their additions to the family). Mom and Dad are separate, and yes, Julie is a little older than Norm (but not much).

My Mom is one of the most selfless people I have ever met. She would do anything for anyone. She is always working behind the scenes to make others happy and doesn't ask for attention. She has sat with me through countless doctors appointments, waited patiently during procedures, and has held me while I come out of aesthesia and sedatives. I know I wouldn't want to deal with me coming out of aesthesia.

BB! Pooooorrrrqqquuueee? My Dad pays for all the doctors appointments, aesthesia and sedatives. Just kidding (sort of). On Saturday I was getting ready for a reception and my Dad came in with a box full of random objects and two books about Utah artists. He started showing me some pictures by Louise Farnsworth and then pulled a bundle of well-worn brushes out of the box. "These were Louise Farnsworth's brushes", he told me, "I want you to have them and paint with them. But paint like LeConte and Maynard." My Dad is loyal, loving, and supportive. He is also patient. When I was in high school, not doing everything right, he would get up early with me, sit by the heat vent, and read the scriptures to me while I got ready for school. It was a long time before I read with him, but his patience and love stirred important changes in my heart. My Dad is one of my heroes.

Tyler has been one of my dear friends for all of my life. I remember having my first talk about the Atonement with Tyler. When Tyler and I lived in the same ward at BYU, our entire ward thought we were dating because we were always together. He used to sit outside his apartment with me after curfew to help me with papers. He laid his hands on my head in the middle of the Kaibab forest to give me a blessing the summer before he left for Philly. Tyler taught me how to rock climb. When my strength is back I'm going to start up again!

Becca is me. I am Becca.  People still confuse me for her in the HFAC. Becca is an outgoing, loving example that I have learned so much from. She put up with me while I was sick and crabby and I'm forever grateful to her for that. She loves J Crew, Paisley, pebble ice, and lime popsicles. Those are the most important things in life, right?

Dave. Dave and I spent one year at East High together and I thought that I was the most unlucky girl in the world because I had a brother to look out for me. Well, things have changed since I was a freshman in high school. Dave is a kind example to me of loyalty and hard work. I love watching him interact with his beautiful little family. I love the special experiences we have shared over the years, from singing while he tickles the ivories to me getting sick at a really awkward time in the basement a few months ago. Plus he has the cutest little family ever.

Kristin is such a sweet friend to me! I wasn't around while Dave was dating her, but I am glad he made such a good choice in his wife! Kristin has always been so kind and sweet, I almost don't know how to respond sometimes. We have grown really close over the past year or so, and I am so grateful for that. I love how excited she gets about little things and I love her enthusiasm for life. She also makes important decisions for our family, like where we are going to dinner because we are all waaaaaayyyyy too passive. This is really needed in the moment. Trust me.

MY PATTEN! Patten is my little angel. He came at a very important time and never ceases to make me happy. I'm not sure people know how much he means to me. Seriously.

Natalie (or, "Talie", as she likes to be called, but I refuse to call her that), is awesome. Way too mature for her age, and way too talented. Probably too beautiful, too. Natalie has taught me a lot of important things over the years. I usually forget she is fifteen...until she starts talking about boys...then I remember how old she is. I love her.


Anonymous said...

My Meeeeeesh:

This is so nice. I don't always deserve to have you say such things -- like yesterday when I wasn't as kind to you as I should have been.

But, let me return the favor and say that you are one of my heroes: you are strong, dedicated, and spiritual to the bones; you have more creativity in your little finger than I do in my whole body; you are fun, smart, and so talented in so many ways. You love life and have dealt with many things.

So, I love you tooooooooooooooooooo much.

Thanks for the kind words,


Anonymous said...

Missy...what are we supposed to say in response to you about such a blog? Thanks so much for saying such nice things. I am glad that we are so close and that we can share everything, not just the fun stuff of life. You are an amazing person and will be rewarded for always listening to the Spirit and for knowing how to love life. You are my heroe.
Love, Mom

Kristin Johnson said...

Perfect mooshy gooshy! I love you so much and I have really enjoyed reading your blog about our family. I have been so proud of you for all of your hard work, especially when times are rough! Thank you for being a friend to Patten, he loves you so much too.

Becca said...

Missy! I definitely got this memo a little late. Uhm, but thank you! What a beautiful tribute to your family. I wanted to cry reading about each of them because I love them all so much and feel SO grateful to be a part of this family. I really miss you all so much I can't stand it.

love. love. love.

Anonymous said...

mmmmmmmmmeeeeeeeesssssssshhhhhhh!!! iiiiiii love you so much. thank you for being there for me the last few days. really...i've needed you. yes..i am just 15. always remember that. hahaha. i love tyou!

JT & Lizzie Davis said...

I heart the Johnson fam. Love you!