I hate cats. Usually.

Okay, so, it´s true that I hate little domesticated felines that run around houses and break into tuna cans, but, I do not hate big cats. In fact, when I was little my favorite animal was a white tiger (for a long time, and, I saw one at the BA zoo for the first time in real life the other day). Anyway, we went to the Zoo Lujan here in Argentina and it was by far the coolest zoo I have been to. Not only could we feed almost all of the animals, but, we got to ride elephants and camels and go in cages with lions and tigers and...not bears. The zoo raises these big cats from birth and ¨domesticates¨them with little puppies. Ben (from LOST) would be very proud, because these normally large and scathing predators are raised thinking they are PUPPIES. Yeah. I guess that there is some sort of seriously twisted psychology stuff involved in that. But, on the other hand, it just teaches you how much influence your surroundings and upbringing can have.
One word: C-O-O-L!


JT and Lizzie Davis said...

No way. Those pictures are amazing! Crazy. You look beautiful.

Anonymous said...


Parece muy peligroso! But, it also looks like lots of fun.

Wow--makes are petting zoos look pretty lame and tame.

Glad you're having a great time!

Te amo,


Jeff and Whitney said...

OK, now THAT is a zoo I can get behind. And I totally agree with the whole cat thing, but that picture is incredible.