Fun Weekend :)

This weekend was super fun!  We went camping out by Grantsville (WHY didn't I know about that area?  It has some of the best campsites I have been to in a while), and set up our tents along a beautiful little stream.  It was so much fun.  We tried to go fishing but It didn't really work because Aaron somehow managed to forget his pole and I didn't have Beesh's reel.  We shot guns and hiked and ate.  It was definitely memorable.  Here are some pictures:

Fun, right?  Here are a few things from this weekend that are notable/worth mentioning:

1) I shot a truck.  Awkward.

2) Rachel and I woke up at 5 am (I'll admit that it's a little earlier than we usually do while camping, but not much), and of course everyone and their dog was still asleep.  So, what did we do?  We hiked to the top of the nearest mountain, took some pictures, and went back to our campsite.  Nobody was awake yet.

3) When we got back to the campsite we found an axe and started throwing it at trees trying to see if we could make it stick.  Nobody succeeded, but a Smart Water was definitely in line for anyone who did.  Aaron finally came out after we had been doing this for quite a while (we are easily entertained).

4) Tonight "the boys" cooked us steak dinner with grilled corn on the cob.  Um...so good!  They lost a bet last week (we were playing Set and absolutely slaughtered them so they owed us).  Anyway, I want to grill corn for the rest of my life instead of boiling it.

5) It was just a happy and fun weekend.  AND I get to go to the cabin tomorrow.  I can't wait!


Anonymous said...


Great photos! Especially the first one.

So sorry I left my reel in the cabinet in the garage. Duh!

I am glad you had fun.

I love you very, very much!


JT & Lizzie Davis said...

Oh camping is SOOOO fun! And, I LOVE going to your cabin!!! Love the memories there and the magic that is the Johnson cabin. Have so much fun! Miss and love you.