It's Official

So, there is a little news on the Smart Water addiction front. Yesterday I was headed to the studio for a very long and late night and stopped by Smith's for some sustenance. I bought Smart Water and a little somethin' somethin' to snack on and rang up my grub. I took note--very happily--that the Smart Water rang up as $1.00 with my Fresh Values card. "$1.00? Are you kidding me? That's a 60% discount!" I thought to myself. I knew I had to go back. So, after leaving the studio I went back to Smith's with Rachel and of course we bought the entire store out of their Smart Water supply. And I only spent $6. I wish there were more to buy but Rachel and I had to split the supply, obviously, because we are both addicted. And yes, I just said it. I am addicted.

I am addicted to Smart Water. And I will buy it all if its on sale for a dollar.

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JT & Lizzie Davis said...

ohhh, I love those Provo grocery store sales. You can't buy ANYTHING in new york for a $1.00!