Switch Addiction?

I made a very interesting observation yesterday. I was in the JKB, right before class, knowing that I had almost three hours of art criticism to sit through. So, naturally, I needed something to tide me over. I walked over to the vending machine and looked at everything they had, this includes (caffeine-free) Coca-Cola products (including Powerade), Minute Maid juices, BYU Creamery milks, gum, candy, granola bars, pretzels--Dasani water(s) (I can't get over the nasty flavors they have), and one lonely compartment containing my all-time favorite: Smart Water (#34). Smart Water was right next to Dasani. The observation I made was that Dasani water is $1.00, and Smart Water is $1.50. So, obviously, being a conservative college student, I punched in #34 and got my Smart Water. It just LOOKS better. It has such a nice, smooth bottle (so soft on the hands), and it doesn't peek out at you from behind the gross blue plastic that Dasani does. And more importantly, it TASTES better. I mean seriously. Smart Water is so good. No overbearing minerals and metal tastes coming out of an ugly bottle. It is good water coming out of a good bottle. A bottle that I always draw in class when I am bored.

But my real question is this:


I think I might be. Here's why:

1) I crave it regularly. I mean, I am sitting in my studio painting and I can't stop thinking about it. It's like, "man, I could probably get that mountain right if I just had a Smart Water to 'energize' me". (Some of the points I make will seem completely illogical).

2) I have Smart Water bottles everywhere. One in the fridge in my apartment, one in my bag at all times. I realized when I went to Salt Lake last night that I have a bottle in my home fridge and one in my bedroom. They aren't always filled with Smart Water, so give me the benefit of the doubt. But I have to admit that after I have filled them with "normal" water a few times, I just can't stand it and I have to get a new one. Maybe filling a Smart Water bottle with normal water creates a placebo affect to tide me over.

3) When I go to the grocery store, I always get it. Some grocery stores don't have it, so I don't go to them. It haunts me from its beautiful little cooler, "Missy...you're going to become (more) stupid if you don't buy me because I'm Smart Water". It gets me every time.

4) I go to the store sometimes just to buy Smart Water.

5) Every time I fill up with gas I pay at the pump and then go inside to buy Smart Water.

6) I don't even question paying $1.50 for 20 oz, even if there is a $1.00, 20 oz Dasani sitting right next to it.

7) I still don't drink Diet Coke.

So what do you think? Addiction? Switch addiction? (Even though I really wasn't addicted to Diet Coke, I just drank it way too often). Can you even be addicted to water? I think it's possible.

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T&T Turner said...

YES! Someone else who is absolutely disgusted with Dasani water! You're my hero, Meesh!