For Dave, Krisy, and Patten

A little bird told me that you guys were sick (I saw the beginning parts of this bug and I believe it's true), so I thought I would make you a virtual get-well-soon kit.  These are things that I would bring you (in very particular order) if I were close enough to do so.  I hope you like them!  


I'm not sure what kind of soup I would bring you--probably chicken noodle--but this was a cute picture of soup and it illustrates my intentions quite nicely.  Soup always makes me feel good.  I eat it all the time!


It makes everything better.


I know you guys might object up-front.  But I like herbal tea, it makes me happy.  And it's caffeine-free.  And Aunt Theresa was a Celestial Seasonings fan so maybe you should try it.

I hope you guys feel better!  I miss you!
And thanks for letting me watch Patten the other day.  I l-o-v-e-d it of course.

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Patten said...


Thank you kindly.

We appreciated the e-version of a get well kit.

Patten loved being with you on Saturday. You should see him walking today (Tuesday) - he can almost run (I'm sure that's not true, but from a biased parent perspective it seems accurate).

I ate one of those chocolates from Argentina today - the triangle shaped cone one. Wow. So good.