I couldn't resist.

The events of the past 12 hours have been so ridiculous I thought I would share them with y'all so that you can have a good laugh. I'm not looking for pity. Seriously. I just needed to record this somewhere so that I can never forget my terrible, horrible, no good, very bad day.

10:30 pm - I send out a blackboard email to my entire class with a copy of my analysis (of an analysis) of The Things They Carried by Tim O'Brien. Yeah. Most boring assignment ever.
11:00 pm - I start working on my art history paper that is due at 2:00 today. The other paper took way longer than expected. Plus I was a little distracted (I have been as of late).
3:15 am - I finish my art history paper, save it and send a draft to my Dad just to get his opinion. I am always seeking validation in writing. Don't worry about it.
7:30 am - I wake up and realize that I turned my alarm off at 7:00 am. I know. I need to sleep more.
7:35 am - I get on my computer to see if Dad has said anything wonderful/attempt to email my art history paper to myself so that I can polish it in-between classes.
7:37 am - I realize after looking at my email account that I never attached the paper to send to my Dad. Oh and don't worry, everything I have done on my computer in the past few days is completely erased. Nowhere to be found.
7:50 am - After panicking and talking to Rachel's uncle on the phone we come to the conclusion that my hard-drive is failing. No big deal. At least I got that other paper sent out...
7:55 am - I check to see if my other paper got sent out. I realize that I accidentally sent the rough draft out which includes comments in huge bold text that say things like, "I need more analysis here. Come on, help me out." The final draft (which is actually a very good paper) is erased from my hard-drive. You've got to be kidding me.
8:00 am - Frantically searching for the lost documents...
8:10 am - I email my teacher to tell her I won't be in class. It's my first time missing and if I miss after this my grade is docked in thirds.
8:20-8:45 am - I panic and begin writing my art history paper/trying to re-polish the English assignment.
8:46 am - Computer freaks out again. So I go to school.
9:15 am - I edit and print out my English paper and take it to my teacher's office. He tells me that I am turning it in too late and gives me an awesome lecture. I would argue with him but he only has one hand and I feel like if I said that I was having a terrible, horrible, no good, very bad day, he would tell me to try living with a hook. I leave in shame.
9:49 am - I posted this blog entry because I can't stand to look at art history again (though the blog clock says it's a different time). Oh well. Here goes...

Please try to tell me that this isn't somewhat hilarious. I think that's why I am struggling to do the assignments. I just know I am going to be laughing about this tonight (I get over things pretty quickly).


JT and Lizzie Davis said...

AHH!! I was sweating just by reading this. How stressful! Looks like I have found one silver lining in independent study: at least I don't have to be in class or my grade gets docked by 1/3! YIKES! Anyways, I am so sorry, I really hope it all works out - and you get some serious sleep.

Jared and Jesse said...

You're a better person than I am to be as calm as you are. I would have lost it. And you can think it's funny even while it's happening. Wow, good for you! Good luck!

Emily Fuller said...

I hope things get better!