High School Tag.

So, Tally did this on her blog and it looked so much fun that I told her to tag me. Is that how it works? I'm pretty sure that I am not allowed to request things like that. My problem is that I currently have nothing to blog about. School is consuming me. So, here is my lame attempt to avoid art history homework...

Did you date someone from your school?
Yes. Lots.

What kind of car did you drive?
I just used whatever car was at home. For some time it was the blessed Dodge minivan (white with maroon velvety interior). Then we upgraded to the silver Isuzu Rodeo. I used the white Toyota Camry before Tyler took it away from me, and toward the end of my senior year I got to drive the black beamer.

Were you a party animal?

Were you considered a flirt?
Sometimes, but never toward whoever I was dating. Twisted, I know (it's still a bad trait of mine).

Were you in band, orchestra, or choir?
Junior Choir, A'Capella, Madrigals.

Were you a nerd?
I took AP Chemistry (and English) but I don't think I was considered a nerd.

Were you on any varsity teams?
I started varsity volleyball junior and senior year, suited sophomore year, and practiced with varsity (inconsistently) freshman year. It was my job and I loved loved loved it.

Did you ever get suspended or expelled?
No. I ditched class frequently but I was very skilled at doing so. ("Mr. Thulin, would you like me to pick up a breakfast burrito for you while I'm out?" "Sure Missy, here's $5.00. Oh and by the way, I love you and you are getting an 'A' no matter how often you miss my class.")

Who were your favorite teachers?
Mr. Thulin because he let me do whatever I wanted to (manipulative much?)
Line Tuitupou because she was my coach and one of my best friends.
Suzan Lake because she taught me as much about life as she did about English (that's a LOT).
Anne Applegate because...well...you can't not love her and she taught me to love singing again.

Could you still sing the fight song?
I honestly don't think so. Um. L...

Where did you sit during lunch?
Someone's house, Wendy's, Great Harvest, or some floor in the commons depending on what year I was in school.

What was your school's full name?
Salt Lake High School East.

Did you go to homecoming?
Yes. Junior year my date showed up in a cherry-red polyester suit with flared legs. I thought my Mom was going to pass out. Good thing I hadn't bought that red dress...

What do you remember most about graduation?
Karen Hughes receiving a standing ovation from (pretty much) the entire senior class and everyone in the audience.

Where did you go senior skip day?
Wasn't every day a skip day senior year?

Were you in any clubs?
Some service club once upon a time, I think.

Have you gained some weight since then?
Things change when you no longer play volleyball for 4 hours a day.

Are you going to your ten year reunion?
I wouldn't put it past myself to miss that.

I tag...Shannon, Preethi, Jen vB, and Gianna.


t.t.turner said...

Cute! I love that you can now say you have posted a picture of Zac Efron on your blog. :)

Jared and Jesse said...

Sweet old high school. Those were some good times!

preethi said...

Done. :)