Streptococcus pyogenes

I just liked the name.

Oh, and the fact that my entire apartment has it (I'm positive Anne's immune system will cave within the next couple of days).


Becca said...

haha, cool. my favorite is Helicobacter pylori. it causes stomach ulcers

Shan said...

Sad day! I hope you are all surviving! Miss you!

Christina and Ryan said...

How come you didn't tell me that you had a blog?! I saw that someone came to my blog from yours and when I saw the name of the blog I was like "who the crap is this...". Lo and behold, my darling Missy. Can we please hang out for real this time? Call me.

Anonymous said...


I wanted to wait until I was no longer sick to write this -- but, couldn't wait that long!

Love you lots!!