Tyler P.

Philly 2007

A few years (by a few, I mean five years ago), I applied to BYU at the very last minute and got accepted.  It had never been my intention to go blue, but when the opportunity arose I was suddenly considering it (and quickly decided it was the right thing to do).  Since it had never been my intention to be a cougar, I was left with few housing options.  It came down to living in DT (never!), living in Rain Tree with my cousin, or living at King Henry just a few yards away from Tyler.  The best choice was pretty obvious: live by my brother.  So I did.  It was one of the best decisions I ever made, and my freshman year of college (spent with the 39ers) was one of the best years of my life.  Everyone in the ward thought Tyler and I were dating (because we were together all the time), and we built a solid friendship that remains strong to this day.  Today is Tyler's birthday, and though a surprise trip to Philadelphia would have been fun, I am left with this dinky little blog (and the phone call I already made) to wish him a happy big 2-8.

Visiting Ty in Philadelphia 2007

Part of why I love Tyler so much is because he was so excited to see a tapir.

...and because he was so excited to feed a zebra.

...and because he married one of my best friends.

...and because the goats look like they are eating his hair in this picture.

...and because I always think of him when I see monkeys.
Happy 28th Birthday, Ty!  


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Anonymous said...


Love your thoughts about your brother on his birthday. And, the excellent photos!

It makes me so happy that you guys are great friends.

Love you lots,