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So I made the mistake of reading an entry from Vogie's blog tonight and have nothing better to do so I am going to be (hopefully) the first to respond to his "world tagging" effort.  Ha.  Here goes nothing...

Name Five Things You Love About Eric
Wow this is already more awkward than I thought.  I don't really have five things that I love about Eric (well I'm sure I do but I just think that the following quote is worth five hits):

"I'll be the first to admit it--I have incredibly soft hands.  Never used lotion in my life.  But they're like a pair of baby seals attached to my wrists."

Name Five Things You Were Doing Five Years Ago That Could Potentially Relate to Eric
Singing in Madrigals
Singing in A'Capella
Being Dave Johnson's little sister

Name Five Things You Wish You Could Give to Eric in the Next Five Years
A wife (I have some good ideas)
A job
A baby (See entry #1)

If You Could Be Eric for Five Days, What Would You Do?  Why?
I would travel to Brazil...then I would be able to speak Portuguese (because I'd be Eric, get it?)

If You Were Stuck On A Desert Island With Eric, What Would You Bring to Make Eric Happy?

Name Five Beautiful Things That Remind You of Eric
Twilight - not because I think it is beautiful, but because pretty much everyone I know does, and his blog entry about the grammar is one of the funniest thing's I've ever read.
Baby seals

Name Five Emotions You Associate With Eric
Overwhelming (only a little, sometimes)
Funny (more of a characteristic...)
Smart (another characteristic)

Tag.  You're it!

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EBV said...

Bless you, Missy my dear. For being the only person to personally take this tag on, you are now declared Eric's Favorite Blogger #1. Congratulations. Wear the distinction with pride! ;D