Phamily Phun

This past week has been a very happy one.  Tyler and Becca came in town and although everyone was really busy, it was fun to have them around Salt Lake and Provo.  We spent Sunday evening and Monday up at the cabin and had a lot of fun with the entire family.   Dave, Kristin, and I particularly enjoyed winning a head-to-head game of running charades.  Ty and Becca went home today to get ready for Argentina.  I miss them already but we'll be reunited in a few weeks!  Hooray!

PS - Dave, you really should teach your baby some manners.


Anonymous said...


So fun, so very, very fun, to be with you, Ty, Becca, Dave, Kristin, Patten, Nat, and Mom for a week.

I simply loved every minute of it!

Love the pics,

Te amo,


Anonymous said...

...I can't believe dad just used the word "Pic."

...anyway, this week was mucho fun! I love you, even though sometimes I act like a real DDOOOORRRKKWAADDDD!!!

Haha, love da bebe!


Missy Johnson said...

who is talie?

Shan said...

Miss Missy, I don't think i ever got the story of why you are going to Argentina, and what you are going to do there (you look fabulous by the way!). I know you're running away, but are you going to paint while you're there or....? Miss you like crazy, and I hope that Rach gets back soon so the apartment won't be so quiet! Love you.

JT & Lizzie Davis said...

I love your cabin. And I miss you.