"And I would also caution you single sisters not to become so independent and self-reliant that you decide marriage isn't worth it and you can do just as well on your own.  Some of our sisters indicate that they do not want to consider marriage until after they have completed their degrees or pursued a career.  This is not right.  Certainly we want our single sisters to maximize their individual potential to be well educated, and to do well at their present employment.  You have much to contribute to society, to your community, and to your neighborhood.  But we earnestly pray that our single sisters will desire honorable marriage in the temple to a worthy man and rear a righteous family, even though this may mean sacrificing of degrees and careers.  Our priorities are right when we realize there is no higher calling than to be an honorable wife and mother."
-Ezra Taft Benson

I really am done for the day I just wanted to announce publicly that I have taken note of this quote.  Thanks.

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