Becky T

So, a few months ago a dear friend of mine wrote some unexplainably and unjustifiably nice things about me on her blog.  I was lucky enough to spend some time with her this past week and I felt like it was high time I returned the favor.  I kind of forgot--in a "I'm too focused on myself" way--just how much I miss her.  But now she's gone again and I want to let the world know just how much I love and miss-y my Becky T.

Becca knows--more than most people do--what the true meaning of the word sacrifice is.  To most of us it is giving just enough of something up to stay in our comfort zone.  To Becca, it is giving up a major part of her life (ex: BFA in vocal performance, Singers tour, BYU Singers) to move to a city where she knows hardly anybody just so she can be with someone she loves.  Nothing is too hard or too much for Becca.  Those phrases don't even fit in her vocabulary. 

Becca is downright beautiful.  She may be the lightest packer I have ever met, but she still manages to look stunning all the time.

Becca has had a lot of experiences and relationships (romantic and platonic) that have taught her great things about life.  She treasures her family and people in general.  She also treasures our family--and we, of course, treasure her.  (Should I say "treasure again?)

Becca married my Tyler P. and she was one of the most timeless, beautiful brides I have ever seen.  She also wore these boots when she took her bridals (which I think is amazing and wonderful).

She not only snuck my brother out of the country, but managed to do so without (pretty much) anyone knowing.  She was also gutsy enough to post all the pictures months later.  And honestly, how often do you see Tyler smile like that?  I'm so glad that Becca and Tyler have each other.

Becca's birthday falls on Bathtub Party day.  I'm sure none of you have heard of that before, but it's on some "official" internet list...thing.  Oh and we celebrated it.  We partied hard.  Nicole and I made this cake for her when we all lived in Foreign Language Housing together.

Becca and I are the same person. It's kind of scary.  We have uncanny and freaky similarities that never cease to surprise us.  New additions to our list of shared attributes are a love of Jackson Pollock and all things Spoonable.  Sunshine, black and white, plaid, and pebble ice are long-standing favorites.  And she is fun and spontaneous.  It's nice to have someone great to be spontaneous with (my family thinks...a lot).

She refuses to let situations be awkward.  I mean, sure, she can make things awkward sometimes--but she won't let things like the fact that we were both dating the same boy (at the same time) get in the way of the reality that he still needed a birthday cake.  Or cupcakes, in this case.  Becca's ability to withhold judgment in personal situations makes her loveable and approachable.  Some people mistake this for weakness, but I think she is strong.

Becca cries with me when I cut onions.  But she wears waterproof.

She also helped me steal a sign from Natalie's first big musical production...Seussical the Musical.

Love you, Becs.
(and that I copied this entire post idea and format from you.)

¡Nos vemos en Buenos Aires!


Anonymous said...


Ditto to all of the above.

And I remember, like it was yesterday, the last photo -- taken on the night of Becca and Ty's engagement. The picture is "off-center" because of the excitement and a hug that just about knocked down both of you.

Anyway, Becs and Miss, we love you both waaaaaaaay, waaaaaaaay to much!


JT and Lizzie Davis said...

What a cute post. It will be a happy day when I finally meet Becca and we go from being internet friends to real life friends :) I would like more details on the story of when she snuck Tyler out of the country? And also more on how you both dated the same boy at the same time? Miss you Miss.

Becca said...

WHY HAVE I NOT SEEN THIS UNTIL RIGHT NOW?! Oh my gosh. you are so adorable. I don't deserve any of this, of course, but I love you anyway and can't wait to see you HERE, in beautiful BA. :)

love love love.