100 Things

1. It is too late for me to be doing this right now.
2. But it really doesn’t matter because it takes me forever to fall asleep at night anyway.
3. Benadryl doesn’t help me fall asleep anymore…that’s probably not a good thing.
4. Tyler is going to be a doctor.
5. I miss him. I miss his wife. I miss my family.
6. I’m obsessed with my family. I love them more than anything else in the world.
7. Going home is actually really hard for me.
8. 95% of the time that I’m home I spend with my family.
9. The other 5% of the time is spent doing other stuff…like going to the doctor or maybe seeing an old friend.
10. But I only like seeing the friends that haven’t thrown their lives away. I have way too many friends that have thrown their lives away.
11. I’ve never been in love, but I have loved someone.
12. I have lost.
13. I love LOST. I want it to start showing again soon!
14. I love “my girls.” I love helping them. I love that they help me.
15. I love long names. I have the names of my children all picked out. Now I just need to find a husband or become really rich so that I can adopt without a husband (perhaps I would prefer that at this point…)
16. I love family names. I love the name Patten.
17. I love family history. I love my great-great-grandfather, David Patten Kimball.
18. I love ordinary people that do extraordinary things.
19. I love my Mom. I love my Dad. My parents are my best friends.
20. I love music. I love all kinds of it.
21. I wish I could play the piano like my brother.
22. I wish I had taken flute seriously for more than a day at a time (consecutively).
23. Sometimes I wish I had majored in music like my professor had told me to…
24. I would have hated it.
25. I love painting. I wish that I could get myself to paint in oil for more than a week at a time.
26. My professors are some of my dearest friends. I am forever indebted to them.
27. I have like ten million things that I want to study: audiology, speech & language pathology, dietetics, chemistry, music, art education, architecture, graphic design, history, journalism, broadcast journalism, English, Spanish, American Studies, advertising, psychology, art therapy, and more…
28. I have a secret desire to be a seminary teacher.
29. I love trio love.
30. I love memories.
31. Sometimes I get caught up in memories.
32. I am too forgiving.
33. I am hard to offend.
34. I have a grudge against grudges.
35. I want to move to Philadelphia.
36. I love Italy. I love sitting on the side of the bridge staring at the Ponte Vecchio. I love running by the Arno.
37. I want to live in Europe. Especially Italy. I want to move to Torino and open a little store selling old books or something.
38. A mi me encanta hablar en Español.
39. I am glad to know that I have Celiac Disease and I don’t care that I can’t eat gluten.
40. People think that’s weird.
41. I want to write a book with my Dad.
42. My Dad is the strongest person I know. He is also one of the weirdest.
43. My Mom is the other strongest person I know…it’s a tie.
44. I get obsessed with things easily. It’s a bad thing.
45. It takes me a really long time to “like” someone.
46. It takes even longer for me to “not like” someone.
47. I hate “liking” people. I hate how they get in your head and make it so you can’t think about anything else.
48. I am a health nut, but I have a sweet tooth.
49. I have made my incredible chili recipe at least 5 times in the past month.
50. I used to hate chocolate ice cream and wouldn’t eat it if you paid me…but one day I decided I kind of liked it.
51. Chocolate or vanilla? Vanilla Bean!
52. I like Candy Eyes.
53. I could wear plaid every day (I did in Italy).
54. Zion National Park is like a second home to me. Oh and it is Zion, not Zions!
55. I like clean stuff.
56. My two worst fears are aesthesia and jellyfish.
57. I think Facebook stalking is weird.
58. I get creeped out when people tell me “they found my blog”.
59. I love shoes and I love bags.
60. My favorite thing about me is my eyes.
61. I used to think my lips were tiny but I decided they are average.
62. I like wearing mascara, but I hate putting it on and I hate taking it off.
63. I enjoy face wash that makes my face tingle and my eyes water.
64. I like to be alone. Sometime I like to hike by myself or go up the canyon and spend time with just me.
65. My Mom doesn’t like that I like to do that.
66. I love watching ballet. I think it is beautiful.
67. I will never forget my senior year of high school.
68. I will never forget senior soccer season or the incredible t-shirts Grace and I made for the Super Fans.
69. I have never regretted playing volleyball in high school even though it took up all of my time.
70. I cherish my friendship with my sister even though it took a long time to develop and still has a long way to go.
71. My little sister is one of my heroes and examples.
72. I absolutely love to wear skirts. I mean seriously.
73. I have over twenty bottles of lotion on top of my dresser. Sick.
74. I wash my feet in the shower.
75. I love feeling cute.
76. I love being in the sun.
77. I love being tan.
78. I love the process of getting tan, though I have cut back on that immensely.
79. I like yellow gold.
80. I am fascinated by other cultures.
81. I want to adopt a baby from Africa.
82. Karen Hughes is one of my greatest teachers and friends.
83. Grandma LeNila is one of my heroes.
84. I love rice cakes dipped in orange yogurt.
85. I love cinnamon gelato.
86. Emil Nolde painted songs from my soul.
87. I think abstract is cool.
88. I enjoy fashionable scarves.
89. My Mom and I painted my room together when I was little and I will never forget it.
90. I just made my first real quilt, and I loved it.
91. I want to learn how to sew but I have managed to put it off for almost 22 years.
92. I like to be organized and have complete control. Not having control freaks me out.
93. I want to be the best at everything. I have a hard time when I am not.
94. I like writing in my journal and I hope that it can be of use to someone someday.
95. I like to have assorted washable markers and assorted permanent markers available most of the time (both in fine and regular tip size).
96. I like to follow my gut.
97. I hate change.
98. I peaked when I was 17.
99. Susan Lake is my secret weapon.
100. I have a hyper-sensitive nose and I HATE smelling like food.


Anonymous said...

My Meeeeeeesh:

I love this list, and your candor and honesty, and I agree with about 85-90% of the list.

But, then there are a few little things that I think snuck in while you were away from the computer. :)

Anyway, te amo,

The Wierd One

P.S. A book would be cool.

Becca and Ty said...

Dear Meesh-

I shouldn't have read this on a homesick night really late when I'm missing all things Utah-Johnson. :( I loved living with you and periodically stealing .3 oz from one of your 20 bottles of lotion, getting too much sun, and complaining about music classes (and yes, you would have hated being a music major). I love you and I miss you so much.

becky t

JT & Lizzie Davis said...

This is so funny. Loved reading it!

Robert said...

Hey I found your blog and I totally love it! Maybe be can be internet friends?

You are cooler/more interesting than me. I think I could probably get to #10 before running out of things to say. How about you do a list for me? Eh? You can include a few of the same things... ie. senior year is unforgettable, trio love, the whole music major... would have hated it anyway. I think you are wonderful and great and you are my hero too. Add that to my list, ok?

ps. have I ever told you that I'm so glad you started blogging? I new this would be great.

Robert said...

that wasn't robert.