A Breakthrough

So I wore high heels yesterday.  First time ever.  I mean, I have tried them on before, practiced walking around the house, and worn them to look in the mirror and feel cool, but yesterday I actually wore them.  This was big.  For a long time I had kind of an "anti-heels" thing going, then it turned into serious "flat pride", and then it turned into a habitual avoidance of purchasing them slash learning how to walk in them.  Anyway, yesterday my skirt was just screaming for Rachel's ridiculously high yellow shoes.  It seriously wasn't even a question.  So I sucked up my pride and wore them.  OF COURSE I got a million compliments, including, "those shoes are amazing", "you are amazing", "those shoes are pretty sassy", and finally, "hey, will you model for me?  I've been looking for someone who can strut their stuff just like you.  Here is my number, 1-800-PRO-MODL (not to be confused with the Prada and D&G offers I got while walking out of sacrament meeting)".  Anyway, I'm glad I finally did it.

I rock.

PS - I forgot to mention my star moment.  I was walking down to Ben and Aaron's apartment and my heel (guys these weren't just any heels, we are talking 4-5 inches of pure madness) and the heel caught on the stairs that are serious death traps and suddenly I was in a blunder falling forward.  i didn't really have anything to grab onto so I flung my arms to the right of me and literally HUNG by the railings ABOVE me for a few seconds.  I just sat there screaming.  Glad to be alive.  Then I knocked on the door and Homeless Handsome Jeff answered.  Awkward.

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Anonymous said...

Obviously, My Meesh, you are stunning with or without the spikes. You know that!

Te extrano,