A Bad Habit

In a final attempt to avoid editing my final that is due tomorrow, I would like to pay homage to a terrible habit that I have. This habit has cost me more this month than ever before, and I'm not exactly sure why. I credit it to lack of Diet Coke or something like that. I guess kicking one bad habit makes the others worse. Anyway...you are probably wondering what this habit is, right? I'll tell you. Toothbrush-chewing. Yes, you heard me. I chew my toothbrush. Compulsively. And it drives me nuts because I always try to stop, but before I know it, I've chewed the bristles off of another one. Today I bought a two-pack of toothbrushes--my fourth two-pack in a month. I am currently going through two a week. Sometimes I try to buy nice ones to counteract my chewing urge, but it doesn't work. And I just wanted to tell you about it. Mostly because I hate the library.



Becca and Ty said...

I was honestly just thinking yesterday that I should start buying two-packs, or shopping at costco for my toothbrushes since I go through so many. Haha - remember how we thought it was sooo amazing that we both chewed our toothbrushes and liked frozen jr. mints? Too bad we didn't know that we were both just weird...


preethi said...

Umm, when do you chew your toothbrushes? Is it WHILE you're brushing your teeth? How long does that take? Or do you just unconsciously pick it up and start eating away?