Thanks, Pablo.

Picasso is cool.  Particularly because he said this:

"Most people can today no longer expect to receive consolation from art.  The refined, the rich, the distillers of quintessence, desire only the peculiar, the eccentric, the scandalous in today's art.  I myself, since the advent of cubism have fed these fellows what they wanted and satisfied these critics with all the ridiculous ideas that have passed through my head.

The less they understood the more they admired me, through amusing myself with all these absurd farces I became celebrated --- but when I am alone, I do not have the effrontery to consider myself an artist at all.  Not in the grand old meaning of the word, Titian, Rembrandt, Goya --- they were great painters.  I am only a public clown.

I have understood time and have exploited the imbecility, the vanity, the greed of my contempories.  It is a better confession of mine --- more painful that it may seem, but at least and at last it does have merit of being honest."

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Stephen said...

I knew it! Did he really say that? Where is your bibliography!?