The Pains of Detox

So, the irony to be found in the title of this post is that there are no pains in detox. A while ago I realized (after personal observation/reading an article from the Mayo Clinic) that I personally did not benefit from the somewhat excessive amounts of artificial sweeteners that I took in daily (ahem: Diet Coke). So a little over a month ago I decided to give Diet Coke--and all foods containing any form of artificial sweetener--the boot. And I have noticed a substantial difference in the way that I feel. I'm not saying that I've been healed or that you will personally benefit from cutting this ridiculously artificial form of food/sweet out of your diet, but I kind of dare you to give it a try. Just for fun. It will at least boost your self esteem because you will be stronger than the sweetness.


EBV said...

So, first: congrats on the nutrasweet fast.

Second: you're in a flute choir with Erin Roundy?! We need to chat. I'm coming to your performance on Wednesday...better polish that silver! ;D

Anonymous said...


Wow -- I know you are stronger than the sweetness, and sweeter than the sweetness tambien!

And, I can't handle the aftertaste of diet anything. So, no temptation here.

Anyway, te amo,


JT & Lizzie Davis said...

How funny, I was just thinking about how I probably take in way too much fake sweetener and it probably is back fireing in my quest to be healthy. I should totally try this. But no guarentees.